From humble beginnings, Vue became one of the UK’s leading photo agents that it is today. Founded back in the early noughties; the year started on a Tuesday, we all watched Lord of the Rings at the cinema and listened to Will Young and Girls Aloud.

We offer a full service production and have a great history of producing shoots internationally. No job is too large or small and we treat every brief the same. If you have a project you’d like one of our photographers to work on, we’d love to hear from you.

Based South of the River (undoubtedly the best part of London, we’ll arm-wrestle you otherwise!), if you’d like to meet us, we’ll hop in a cab/train/bus/strap on our jetpacks and come and see you with our photographers’ portfolios in tow. (Biscuits optional)

Any questions? Head on over to our Contact page. It’s got all the details for fancy online correspondence and good old-fashioned telephoning.



Jamaican  Caves

French Alps  Snowball fights

Cupcakes  Rock Climbing 

Superhero movies

Good Hot Chocolate Scrabble 

Family & Friends

Rooibos Chai Southern Comfort 

Ackee & Saltfish Popcorn

The Boss 




Hot Power Yoga Lively

Long Walks Cooking

Travelling Gin

Ice Skating Gardening

Star Wars Peppermint Tea  

Sushi Swimming

National Geographic Chocolate