40 Years On

"It was nothing to do with bravery. Quite the opposite. It was about feeling comfortable and at one with yourself"
Jordan, 60
Then: Punk style icon
Now: Veterinary nurse

"Women could do ut on their own terms, without having to confirm to some female stereotype of having big boobs"
Lesley Woods, 56
Then: Singer /guitarist, Au Paris
Now: Barrister

"I'm sure my 20 year-old self would look at me and shout, 'Sellout!' "
Ausaf Abbas, 55
Then: Bass player, Alien Kulture
Now: Investment banker

"When you put on a dog collar, people assume you've had no life before"
Daivd O'Brien, 54
Then: Part of Manchester's punk scene
Now: Vicar

"Being part of the crew is similar to being in a band. You're full of adrenaline when you're on stage, but the worst thing that can happen is that you forget the words"
Steve Ignorant, 58
Then: Lead singer, Crass
Now: Life boatman

"Everyone else in The Clash was angry at the world and the establishment. I wasn't. That's why I left"
Terry Chimes, 59
Then:  Drummer, The Clash
Now: Chiropractor