In 2005 Morgan’s Zoo series won Gold at the AOP Awards and helped kick start his career. The work began after an impromptu visit to Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, made famous for it’s chimps who were trained to perform in the PG Tips Advertising campaign; he had fond memories of the fun days out at Twycross as a child, but as an adult, he found the place to have a very different and much more sobering atmosphere. After a while, the project became more of an exposé than he had envisaged and the idea of the double-edged sword of conservation through captivity seems ever more relevant, with many more species now on the critically endangered list. Many of those that don’t realise, imagined that they were shot in dark corners of Eastern Europe; most are then shocked to learn they were all shot in British zoos. Here we tend to pride ourselves on being a nation of animal lovers and so the project is just as much about us as a human species as the more exotic subjects in the images. Over a decade later, and with over 250 licensed zoos in the UK, Morgan has resumed shooting the project and is hoping to eventually create a body of work for release as a book and exhibition.