BEHIND THE SCENES: Kerry Harrison sees double!

23 May 2016

Sometimes it snows in April.... but Kerry was lucky to have a few sunny days for a lovely Specsaver shoot. Thank you sunshine! That's exactly what we needed for a shoot with kids in their bathing suits! Final ads to follow soon.

SHOWCASE: Dylan Collard's book and moving image for "Ages of Us."

12 May 2016

I know, I know! We've already shouted about Dylan's personal project Ages of Us...! This time we're proud to show you his moving image piece and exhibition booklet. For more info about this layered project visit:  The website has a range of Behind The Scene photographs, location list, sound bites and interviews with sitters. tters. 

SHOWCASE: Alan Powdrill's 40 years on project...

09 May 2016

Do you ever look at people and wonder how they looked or what they did... 40 years ago? Alan photographed people from various paths of life and juxtaposed their photographs from the past with current portraits.  As featured in the Guardian last weekend.

SHOWCASE: Garry Simpson zips around town

02 April 2016

Garry is well known for shooting campaigns linked to vehicles and transport - bicycles, boats, helicopters, cars and also now parking bays!s! We love the recent ZipCar campaign! Thank you to all creatives involved. You can see more pictures on our website.