INSIDE VUE: Kerry Harrison - not your standard Q&A

12 November 2015

Another oldie but goodie blog post being resurrected! Each month we're hoping to send a set of questions to a Vue photographer, some questions are less serious than others!  Kerry bravely answered all our questions this month! We definitely learned a thing or two from him and about him. Enjoy! 

INSIDE VUE: David Sykes

23 October 2013

This month we got comfortable with David, our resident Still Life photographer and asked him a few questions to get better acquainted.

So David...

What's your earliest memory?

Playing in the snow with my dad and grandad when I was 4 or 5.

Tell us something that'll shock us.

Sticking your fingers in a plug socket.

What are you best at?

Making things (pictures, food, DIY etc)

Inside Vue

25 April 2013

We thought it would be interesting to chuck around ten questions that'll give you an insight int