Woolly Pawn

"When Jess asked me to help with her 'Material World’ exhibition I jumped at the chance having worked together on a few wool based projects I knew it would be a fun shoot. 

Jess was asked to create her own exhibition as part of the Knitting and Stitching show, she decided to create an exhibition based on items that you might find in a pawn brokers shop and recreating them out of wool to display in her exhibition. She wanted to have prints on the wall of the items that she'd made, they ranged from a Chanel handbag, an Apple Macintosh from the mid 80’s to an AK47 rifle! 

As they were so different in scale and use I thought it would be good to recreate them how you would have seen the items represented in the past, whether it was in an advert from the 80’s or a luxury editorial spread. I wanted the shots to almost be a pastiche of the way the products had originally been represented before, the twist being at closer inspection they were beautifully crafted out of wool"