Choosing Children's Clothes in Winter

Deserves Real Attention

Children’s clothing is a subject with which many parents are not very familiar.

looking for

The Right Dress

But one aspect of children’s clothing that deserves real attention is winterdresses for girls. To be more precise, this article is about winterdresses for toddlers and 18-24 months old girls.
The most challenging task when looking for the right dress is to find one that properly fits the needs of your little girl. The dress has to be warm and comfortable enough, but not so tight that she gets overheated.


The dress has to be warm and comfortable enough, but not so tight that she gets overheated. It also needs to be made from soft fabric that won't irritate her sensitive skin,


While at the same time being washable by the average mom at home, without any special skills or equipment. And all of this at the right price.


Luckily there are plenty of good dresses on the market on all these aspects. One of these is The Children's Place Girls' Toddler Fleece-Lined Dress.


Choosing Children's Clothes

Pick General

Makes it Soft But Very Durable
It is made from 85% polyester, 15% Lycra spandex (tough and stretchy), which makes it soft but very durable. And for the inner lining, it has a fleece-like fleece fabric that feels nice under your little girl’s skin, while still allowing her movement. The material is warm and very soft. The dress is not as tight as some other ones and the waistline of the dress sits nice on your little girl.
The most stunning aspect of this dress is its price, just $11.00. While it is very well made and the lining is much warmer than other dresses of the same price, you can’t buy it for $11.
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It compares to some more expensive winterdresses on similar aspects and with a little more attention to detail in sewing, I am sure that they could increase their prices to make a higher margin.

But you have to have a quality product at a very low price. Also, the dress is on clearance now for $9.00, which makes it even better.

And for that price, you can buy more than one for your girl and save yourself the effort of searching for different dresses. Or if you are like me and only want one dress in each size,

Then this is the smallest size I found ($3.50) that will fit my daughter (almost 3 years). There’s still a lot of time before she will be ready to wear the next size up, so I’m sure that this dress will last her the whole winter.



There are more expensive dresses on the market, but they add features that aren’t necessary and they also have lower quality standards.

strong zipper

For example, The Children’s Place Girls’ Toddler Fleece-Lined Dress has a strong zipper that won’t disintegrate after one or two washes.



It is made from a tough material that will not tear by accident. Its seams are well-made and they are unlikely to come apart. It is available in several nice colors,