Choosing Children's Clothes in Winter

Trendy Children's Apparel for Cold

Kids love to foray into the snow and make funny-looking snowmen.

Learning how to

Dress Your Kids

However, during their playtime, they are susceptible to frostbite, the common cold, cough, and other cold-caused infections. Learning how to dress your kids for winter and the rainy season will avoid cases of hypothermia and frostbites.
Your kids’ extremities bear the most brunt. Hands, feet, nose, and ears usually become numb, which is a precursor to a developing illness.


Polar bears have fur to shield them against the cold. Your kid’s extremities and akin need extra TLC (tender loving care) to keep them cozy and trendy.


Raincoats are pretty straightforward. Their essence is to repel water. Your kids simply put raincoats on, strap the zipper and go out to play.


You can blend style, comfort, and protection from the cold by including the following coats in your children’s wardrobe:


Choosing Children's Clothes

Pick General

Easy to Hand Wash
Our top picks are easy to hand wash, washing machine friendly, and come in different colors and sizes. Your children will love the breathability and comfort the raincoats provide. You can add stickers or fluorescent accents for a personalized and trendy look.
Your children will look vogue with gloves and scarf accessories. Keep in mind synthetic and woolen fabric for the scarf and gloves. Cotton wool absorbs moisture and traps the cold against the skin, which may cause the flu. Gloves and scarves are unisex. Therefore you will only need to focus on the matching colors and fit. Throw in a beanie for extra warmth.
Choose Clothes

Fleece and khaki pants may be ideal for indoors since there is a house heater. It is best to dress your kids in snow pants when stepping outside.

Girls’ winterdresses should have a base for extra warmth. Use synthetic fibers as the inner linings to prevent moisture buildup.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid denim pants that soak in the rain. Snow bibs can add a unique dressing style to your kid’s clothes.

Cotton absorbs moisture and locks it in against your kids’ skin which is detrimental to their health. Synthetic fibers are your best bet when it comes to choosing fabric for winter.


clothing Metric

Use a three-layering clothing metric for choosing clothes. The base layers should snuggly fit your skin and should be moisture-wicking.

Water repellent

The middle layer insulates against the cold, and the outer layer should be snow and water repellent.



Have a cup of chocolate (or coffee). Not necessarily a clothing tip. But what’s better than your kids coming home to a hot cup of brewed chocolate?